Flirting Under a Full Moon - Ashlyn Chase Originally published on Romancing the Dark Side:

Welcome to Boston Uncommon...the bar where everybody knows you're supe!

Brandee Hanson is an aspiring photographer working as a waitress at a local bar, Boston Uncommon. She's recently recovering from a bad breakup and has sworn off men for the time being. Brandee hasn't had much luck with men and is shocked when the bar's resident psychic, Sadie, reveals the next man to walk through the doors of the establishment will be her true love. When the infamous ladies man nicknamed 'One Night' Nick Wolfensen walks in, Brandee is positive the cards have failed Sadie this time.

Nick Wolfensen is no ordinary patron, he's an ex-cop turned private investigator who also happens to be a werewolf. Then again, Boston Uncommon is no ordinary pub, it's a vampire owned bar that is frequented by the paranormal community and considered a "save haven" among Boston's supernaturals. Needless to say, things get a little exciting for Brandee when she accidentally catches Nick on camera, shifting into a werewolf and learns the truth about her place of employment.

Flirting Under a Full Moon is a romance with paranormal elements filled with a few shifting sub plots that are sometimes hard to keep up with. A lot of information is introduced but not thoroughly explained, leaving you with a fair share of unanswered questions. There's plenty of mystery and mayhem incorporated in the story, but I would have liked a little less action and more romance between Brandee and Nick. I had a hard time connecting with their relationship because I feel it felt a bit rushed, sure they know each other a from Boston Uncommon, but true love after one crazy date? I'm not buying it...

I found Nick to be a little less alpha than I like in a werewolf, but he's a stand up hero with a good heart and a sense of humor. He's a protector, knows who he is and what he wants. Brandee on the other hand, is a confused mess who is newly reformed when it comes to swearing and replaces every swear work with some of the most ridiculous phrases instead. Now I don't need my heroine to have a trucker's mouth, but after the first couple of chapters she had me swearing out of frustration! It's safe to say we don't share the same sense of humor. Brandee was a little too hot and cold for me, one minute she's in love with Nick, the next she's yelling at him for being protective...she's a bit of a loaded gun. I enjoyed her fearless attitude and outspokenness in some situations, but she can be impulsive and immature sometimes which gets her into trouble more often than not.

What I truly love about Flirting Under a Full Moon is that it's set in the city of Boston. It made me reminisce about my college years in that beautiful city and gave the story a lighter feel versus a larger city setting, in my opinion. The paranormal world the author created is engaging and the chemistry between the two characters is fun and flirty. If you're in the mood for a lighthearted paranormal mystery that doesn't mind poking fun at itself, this one's for you.

{ebook courtesy of Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.}