What's a Ghoul to Do? - Victoria Laurie Original Romancing the Dark Side Review:

A fun paranormal mystery with plenty of laughs and larger than life characters!

M.J. Holliday is a medium who can communicate with the dead. Smart and savvy, M.J. creates a ghost-busting business with her partner and childhood friend Gilley Gillespie, where she can use her talents while earning a living. Helping spirits cross over is far from glamorous and often dangerous, but that's never stopped M.J. from getting the job done. When the handsome doctor Steven Sable hires her and Gilley to investigate his family home and find the true cause of his grandfather's untimely death. It's not long before M.J. breaks her rules of working alone and mixing business with pleasure...getting more than she bargained for when she encounters Steven's grandfather is not the only spirit roaming the lodge with unfinished business in need of her help.

M.J. is smart, snarky, independent and easy to connect with. I love her sidekick African Grey parrot Doc and finding out he's named after the famous gunslinger Doc Holliday, who M.J. is happens to be related to...it was a cute little tidbit that adds to Doc's charm and his inappropriate comments. Gilley is a great supporting character who has some of the book's best one-liners as M.J.'s gay BFF. The romantic interest, Steven, starts off as charming and sexy but his constant use of "How do you say?" and many other English faux pas made me lose interest right away...someone get Dr. Delicious a tutor STAT! That being said, I did enjoyed the flirty banter between Steven and M.J. and think these two might have a chance once he acclimates.

This is the perfect weekend read. What's a Ghoul to Do? is an entertaining and easy read with a sprinkle of the paranormal. The story is easy to follow and keeps you turning the pages with Ms. Laurie's laid-back writing style. There's an element of mystery, a little ghost-busting and a bit of creepiness to the story, but the characters are the book's real showcase. If you're in need of a light and fluffy distraction from your usual reading, look no further.