Lust After Death - Daisy Harris Romancing the Dark Side Review:

There are such things as sexy zombies!

Josie is a fledgling zombie, created by, yes, a mad scientist named Adam, to respond to physical contact and be his new bride. Assassin Bane Connor, also a zombie, is on a mission to rescue Josie from her creator and bring her to Zombie Underworld, a safe haven for steins (zombies) that helps them lead a normal life. This last mission means a new start for Bane who is to undergo a procedure that will reset his memories and erase his old ones, in the hopes of leaving his dark past behind. What Bane never planned on was falling for the "zombie bride" he was charged with protecting and after spending time with Josie he begins to question if in erasing his past he risks robbing himself of a future of happiness.

I'm pretty new to the world of zombies in books but this one took my by surprise and delivered! The world Ms. Harris has created is a little sci-fi mixed with paranormal and zombies have never been hotter. Josie is a fun protagonist that captures you with her sugar and spice personality and innocence. Bane is the strong, alpha hero that has a soft spot and makes you forget he is also "undead." The relationship between the two characters is speedy but sweet and the intimacy they have goes beyond the sexual which made their romance even hotter!

Lust After Death is a fun and sexy read. The main characters are well developed for a novella and are very engaging. While there's an element of suspense, the story line focuses more on the main characters and their developing relationship rather than on their paranormal world. If you're looking for brain eating, slow moving zombies with missing body parts you won't find them here, steins are not that different from humans and are reanimated corpses not mindless beings digging themselves out of graveyards in search of food. Fan of zombies or not, Daisy Harris has written a sexy paranormal coupling in Josie and Bane that will have you seeing zombies in a totally new light and craving more...brains...errr, I mean stories!

{ebook courtesy of author/Bookish Snob Promotions for review}