Nephilim - Mary Ann Loesch An emotional thrill ride that will leave you yearning for more!

Born half human, half angel (a Nephilim) with healing powers, Faye has lost all her faith in angels and the divine after losing her parents and fiance who were murdered. She blames her guardian Angel Azal for her loss and refuses to use her gifts to work with the angels on Earth. When another of her kind begins to stalk Faye for his dark purposes, Azal must resort to enlisting the help of Nathan, a "rogue" tattoo artist and angel living in secret among humans. Nathan is a loner, but when he learns about the danger Faye is in he agrees to protect her. If Azal's plan is to work, he's to keep Faye in the dark by assigning her the task of investigating a slew of deaths connected to Nathan and his tattoos. Faye isn't a fan of Nathan and his ways but there's something about this unconventional angel that stirs up an intense attraction whenever she's around him. When the truth of the other nephilim's plan is revealed, Faye finds herself joining forces with Nathan to stop what could be the extinction of angels.

I'm a huge fan of angels in PNR and Urban Fantasy and I must say ms. Loesch does not dissappoint with Nephilim. In a world where angels roam the earth among humans, the author has created a superb and original storyline that grabs you from the first sentence. The complexity of this paranormal world is executed in great detail and the plot is easy to follow, there's just enough intrigue and tension to keep you turning the pages. The characters are complex and each one brings an element of depth to the story.

Nathan is the hero every romance fan loves, he's tall, dark, handsome and has a little dark side! As the story progresses you see that he is not what he seems and has a softer side to him making him a good guy. I adore a strong and independent heroine and that's exactly what Faye is. She' s smart, sassy and compassionate but has a little edge that makes her bad a**! She instantly became a favorite while reading. I like that the relationship between her and Nathan started out as an uncomfortable situation for both and slowly became more emotional. I was hoping for an explosive romantic moment and felt this particular element in the story was a bit rushed for my taste. That said, the story was wonderfully executed and the take on Lucifer and the angels is sympathetic and not the typical good and evil roles we're accustomed to in literature. The flawlessness of the characters is what really draws you into this dark and gritty world the author has created.

Nephilim is a well crafted urban fantasy that brings you into a dark and dangerous world of intrigue and suspense. There's never a dull moment and the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation. If you enjoy your angels a little on the dark side then I suggest you add this one to your list! I'll be impatiently waiting for the next installment in the series after reading the last page, I won't post any spoilers but I'll say there are some unresolved issues I'm hoping to get closure on in book two!

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