Lessons After Dark - Isabel Cooper A sexy Victorian romance that is sure to bewitch you!

After her husband's death, Olivia Brightmore has had to earn a living for herself by using her gift and posing as a medium, something she's not exactly proud of. When she receives an offer to teach at a school for children with "special abilities" Olivia accepts in hope of starting over. What she didn't expect was to be in the presence of real magic at the school or to fall for the school's resident doctor, the well reserved Gareth St. John who despises her one minute and desires her the next. As a healer, Gareth has some special talents of his own but sees Olivia as just another charlatan and will stop at nothing to expose her secret, even when she proves to be the "real deal." When a dark force in the forest threatens the safety of the students and staff, Olivia and Gareth must put aside their differences and work together to prevent evil from crossing over to their world.

In Lessons After Dark, Isabel Cooper triumphs in writing a fascinating paranormal novel with Victorian flare and complex protagonists. Our leading lady Olivia is head-strong, smart and sweet. She's looking for a fresh start and finds her niche as a teacher almost instantly, you can't help but admire her tenacity. Gareth St. John is not the kind of hero you instantly love, he starts off arrogant and a bit rude when it comes to Olivia, but halfway through the book he redeems himself and won me over. Gareth goes from grouch to gentleman and the ongoing sexual tension between him and Olivia keeps you turning the pages thinking: When will they get to it already?! I especially commend our heroine for standing her ground and not turning into sobbing mess when things get complicated.

Lessons After Dark can best be described as X-Men meets the Victorian Era. With an unlikely but sexy coupling and dangers lurking in the shadows, there's never a dull moment. The supernatural elements are perfectly intertwined and the excitement of the developing romance, combined with suspense, make this a real page-turner. Ms. Cooper's world is enticing and magical, this is one author you'll want to add to your shelves!

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